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Front of Tract
Front of Tract

Princess Gospel Tract
(Pack of 100 Tracts)

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The back of this regular postcard size (4"x6") tract says:
Have you ever gone through something difficult, felt alone, or felt like you were overwhelmed with the troubles in your life? In that trial, can you imagine the richest most powerful person in the whole world, coming to help and visit you in your time of need?  Wouldn’t that be amazing?! To feel so loved by the most powerful person in the world who actually cared about you?! In the real world, you probably think something like this would never happen, right? But the truth is, there is a King above all kings, who really desires to visit you, to help you, to be with you, and above all, to make you into His Princess forever!  You just have to stop trying to do it yourself and let Him be the King of your heart. His love for you is not based on how much money you have, how popular you are, or how important you are in this world. His love for you, is far beyond any worth that this world could place upon your life. He came down from His throne in Heaven, to become a Humble Man, and to eventually be beaten and die upon a cross for the sins of the entire world. Then after three days, He proved His Power over death by raising up from the grave! He has the Power to give us a brand new life if we will repent of our sins, and put our life in His very capable Kingly Hands. This gift of New Life is offered to everyone, but only few people actually respond humbly to receive it. He desires for all of us to become His children, and heirs of His Kingdom forever. Who is this King of Glory? He has the Name above all names..... His Name is JESUS! Won’t you cry out to Him and ask Him to help you turn away from your sin, and make you into His Princess today? Let Him have His way in your life. You won’t regret it for all eternity! If you'd like to learn more about God's Word and His Great Plan of Salvation for you, contact us at:   Find these at:

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