Free Gospel Tracts

Are you zealous for the lost and are you serious about the Great Commission?  Do you have a great desire to pass out Gospel Tracts, but simply are not able to afford to buy Gospel Tracts?  Well, then we may be able to help you.  We want to equip true Christians, to share the truth.  A friend of the ministry has partnered with us to help get our Gospel Tracts into the hands of more willing Christians, in order to get the truth into the hands of more lost people.

Simply go to our Contact Us Page and fill out the contact form.  In your email, please explain your financial situation to us, as well as affirm that you agree with the Biblical truths that are below.  You should receive a response from us within 24-48 hours.  We will ask you some questions, to see if you qualify for our Free Gospel Tract Program.  We will do our best to get our Gospel Tracts into your hands, so that you can faithfully pass them out to lost sinners.  

Keep in mind, this is only for those who can't afford to buy them.  We don't have unlimited resources and are specifically trying to help people who are struggling financially and who also want to be a faithful witness through Gospel Tract distribution.  If you are able to afford our Gospel Tracts or if you are planning on just letting the Gospel Tracts sit around and collect dust, you will not qualify for our Free Gospel Tract Program.

We are thankful to God that He has provided a way for us to do this.  We have received many emails through the years from Christians who are in circumstances such as this.  God has now provided a way for us to help such believers, through a faithful friend of this ministry.  Praise God!

Also, you must be in agreement with these Biblical Truths:
*The Trinity - 3 persons, 1 God - Father, Son and Holy Spirit
*The Bible is God's Word
*That Jesus died for all and that God wants all to be saved
*That someone must repent of all of their sins and trust in Christ's sacrifice to be saved
*That TRUE Faith will lead someone to live a Holy life, right now
*That sinners who refuse to repent of their sins and trust Christ will eventually end up in Hell forever
*That the Universe was created in 6 LITERAL DAYS and that the Earth is "young"

*At this time, this offer is only available to those who live in the United States*